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Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook Focuses on Using Engagement to Achieve Business Goals

By Bruce Bolger on March 21, 2014

Enterprise Engagement Textbook:  From the Public Policy Perspective Enterprise Engagement is a new field that responds to the growing outcry for a more humane form of capitalism, while remaining true to capitalism’s goal of maximizing profits, because it proves that the two are not only compatible but are actually better for shareholders over the long […]

What’s New in Workplace Social Platforms

By Bruce Bolger on December 12, 2014

  Guest Post by Cynthia Mielke Vice President Marketing Marketing Innovators   Over the past 10 years, technology has changed the way we handle almost everything, including how we communicate. From the increasing prevalence of cell phones to the introduction of social networks, human connections and interactions have increased and evolved. The speed at which […]

MaritzCX Signals Potential for Scale in Engagement Field

By Bruce Bolger on December 10, 2014

Mergers and acquisitions can signal consolidation in a field, or they can signal expansion. The recent merger of Maritz Research with Salt Lake City-based Allegiance Inc., forming a new company called MaritzCX, potentially signifies the creation of the first fully-integrated organization theoretically capable of providing the nation’s largest companies with an enterprise-wide approach to Engagement. […]

BIG PICTURE – The Customer Experience Director Dilemma

By Bruce Bolger on December 1, 2014

Although I don’t actually have the statistics to back it up, it appears that more companies are creating the position of Customer Experience Director. I believe this position will eventually be the critical driver of Enterprise Engagement. Based on what we’re hearing, companies aren’t quite sure of the qualifications for this new position. Since it […]

Still Don’t Believe There’s an Engagement Field?

By Bruce Bolger on October 30, 2014

The Conference Board, Deloitte and Sirota have announced the formation of the Engagement Institute. For those thought the EEA was on the wrong track when it began focusing on this field four years ago, we’re proud to announce this news. For over four years, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance has labored against considerable headwinds to convince business […]

New Product Profile: Haydle Enterprise Q&A Platform Enhances Collaboration

By Bruce Bolger on October 20, 2014

Over the past year or two we’ve seen a surprising increase in the number of different types of technologies and services touting their ability to address various areas of customer, employee and distributor partner engagement – from leadership, coaching, assessment and communications to collaboration, innovation, rewards & recognition and analysis. In light of this, Engagement […]

Where Engagement Hits the Heart

By Bruce Bolger on October 17, 2014

This wonderful column in the New York Times Sunday Business section on Oct. 12 demonstrates the impact that front-line leadership can have in terms of engaging people in the most meaningful way possible. So much so that a Pizza Hut employee of many years ago gives the company some of the best PR it could […]

At Chariot Solutions, Engagement Requires an ‘Inspirational Environment’

By Bruce Bolger on October 13, 2014

It always gets our attention when we receive a press release from a company touting its commitment to employee engagement, so we followed up on a recent release from Chariot Solutions to find out why. The company is a software application development, consulting and training firm specializing in open source technologies, enterprise and mobile application […]

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