Another Forum on External-Internal Branding

Lest anyone think that the founders of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance are drinking their own wine, an increasing number of organizations see the emerging critical link between external marketing to customers and internal branding to employees. Marcus-Evans, a leading supplier of business conferences, will hold the third annual “Internal Branding and Employee Engagement Conference,” Feb. […]

First Annual EEA EXPO – June 3-5, 2010

Only a week until Thanksgiving and I’m guessing you’re more concerned with whether to use real cranberries or the solid gel that falls out of the can with a ‘fwump’ and keeps it’s ringed shape throughout the festivities than you are with hearing about a conference seven months in the future. But you really should […]

Mission-Statement Marketing

As a major proponent of advertising, Advertising Age rarely addresses the issues of integrated external and internal marketing. That could change, as more and more of its readers embrace what it calls “mission-statement marketing.” This refers to the process of basing marketing on the organization’s overall mission, which the magazine claims was a hot topic […]

The EEA Blog – Mission

Multiplying Your Value It may seem redundant to have a site like the Enterprise Engagement Alliance AND have blog as well. The EEA “parent” site is filled with information on engagement strategies from employee to channel to consumer – and allows you to access content via various feeds and alerts.  You’d think that would be enough. […]

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