Online Shoppers Look for More Than Price

Online shoppers look for more than price when making their decisions, according to a recent report by Aberdeen published in 1to1 Weekly. The report, Online Customer Loyalty: Converting Occasional Shoppers Into a Loyal Consumer Base, (sponsored access required), found that best-in-class e-commerce companies deploy “targeted, behavior-based promotions (56 percent), personalization of customer communications based on […]

When Content Trumps Advertising?

Chrysler Group announced that it has tapped Meredith Integrated Marketing to manage all its customer relationship management initiatives in both the U.S. and Canada, in an article published in Ad Age. The automaker said the deal extends an existing relationship with Meredith as a custom publisher and the team supporting Chrysler will be primarily based […]

Customer Service Slipping – Survey Finds

A survey known The Retail Service Quality Index, conducted by consulting firm The SALT & Pepper Group, found that retail customer service going into the holiday season is only 48.2 on a scale of 100. The study was reported recently by Brandweek. The company tracked1,027 interactions in 73 different retail stores over a four-month period […]

Help Us Help You – Test the New Enterprise Engagement Indicator

As promised, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is on track with launching its Enterprise Engagement Indicator (EEI) in early January 2010. And you can help! We need to do some tweaking and testing on the survey and you can be part of that process.  It is easy and fast (less than 10 minutes) – simply visit […]

The Employee Engagement “Stockholm Effect”?

According to a study by Modern Survey, Minneapolis, MN, the level of employee engagement in late August 2009 is now even with the level the organization recorded in its August 2007 survey, conducted before the recession. All five components of the organization’s Employee Engagement Index showed further improvement since the February 2009 measurement. The company […]

Customers Get More Thanks Than Employees This Year

While companies cut back on parties for employees, they’re spending more on business gifts, according to the American Express Open Small Business Holiday Monitor recently featured in a New York Times article.  According to the American Express survey, 42 percent of the 516 owners or managers surveyed said that they planned a holiday party, compared […]

Engagement Flows Both Ways in the Incentive and Meetings Markets

Speaking recently about what’s happening in the business of rewards and recognition, Saro Hartounian, president of Harco Incentive Solutions, a leading incentive rewards supplier, spoke for what’s happening in many traditional areas of engagement, from rewards and recognition, to meetings and promotional products. The traditional incentive business, Saro said, is going in two directions. On […]

The Connection Between Social Media and Engagement

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