Engagement Holds Steady, Despite the Recession

According to the 2009 Gallup Worker Engagement survey (see the graph on the Enterprise Engagement portal home page), the level of worker engagement held steady over the previous year, with some important nuances. There have been “significant changes in average mood by month as we’ve tracked it throughout the year,” says James K. Harter, Gallup’s […]

Forrester Research Ranks Firms on Customer Service

Barnes & Noble, Marriott Hotels, Hampton Inn, Amazon.com and Holiday Inn held down the top five slots in the 2009 annual CxPi rankings produced by Forrester Research. While Barnes & Noble enjoyed the top spot for the second year in a row, Charter Communications ranked at the bottom of the CxPi “customer experience” rankings for […]

The Borderless Enterprise—Another Term for Enterprise Engagement

What makes the concept of “Enterprise Engagement” unique is the strategic integration of engagement across the organization. Traditionally, if organizations focus on engagement at all, it’s within silos—consumers, channel partners, salespeople, operations employees, etc. In his article, “Social Networks: Catalysts for the Borderless Enterprise,” SAP consultant Mark Yolton suggests that social networking is: “changing the […]

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