U.S. Job Satisfaction Continues to Decline: Conference Board

While Gallup’s 2009 Worker Engagement Study found that engagement remained essentially level, Americans of all ages and incomes continue to grow increasingly unhappy about their work, according to a recent report published by The Conference Board. Only 45% of the 5,000 households surveyed said they’re satisfied with their work, down from 61.1% in 1987, the […]

‘Undercover Boss’ Gets Engagement

Did you see “Undercover Boss” on CBS last night after the Super Bowl? Enterprise engagement meets pop culture. This is the second major entertainment event this year focusing on the importance of people in business. First, there was Up in the Air, showing the irony of heartless corporate firings juxtaposed with the film’s main characters […]

Home Depot Increases Investment in Customer Service

When Frank Blake took over as Chairman and CEO at Home Depot, one of his key objectives was to improve customer service in order to take on its chief rival, Lowe’s. According to a recent Bloomberg News Service report published in the Seattle Times, Home Depot had consistently trailed Lowe’s in comparable-store sales for the […]

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