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Good Recognition Takes Practice – Guest Post from Steve Green, President of Pollstream

PollStream LogoThe following is a guest post from Steven Green, President of PollStream, a Toronto-based company that develops and delivers engagement and community-building solutions to help leaders tap into Social Capital.  Steve is also a presenter and roundtable leader at the The EEA Networking Expo June 3-6, 2009.

I attended the SCNetwork session titled, Getting Recognition Right” this morning (March 31, 2009) at the beautiful National Club in downtown Toronto.  I was a guest of Rideau Recognition who sponsored the event and who also happen to be wonderful PollStream partners.

Roy Saunderson, President of the Recognition Management Institute was the key presenter – if you have never had a chance to see Roy present, you should.  He is VERY passionate about recognition and is always willing to share everything he knows about how to get recognition right (hence the session name!)

I would like to share just one idea that Roy shared as part of his opening remarks –

“Recognition improves as the people giving recognition improve.”

I like this kind of wisdom – it forces me to swirl the words around my mouth a few times before the full flavor and meaning become clear.  Roy believes that giving good recognition takes practice – it is not simply a matter of saying good job or telling a person they have received a raise.  Yes, these are great moments, but there are ways to finesse the moment to make it last longer and burn brighter.

One concrete example that Roy provided had to do with communicating a promotion. His idea is to present a letter to the employee detailing why the person has been promoted – outlining the characteristics, behaviours and achievements that resulted in the promotion.  If I had received such a letter from my managers at the time of my past promotions, I can assure you that the letter would have been AS impactful as the promotion itself.

Getting the job is great for sure, but we all know that someone has to fill it.  But… by sharing your thoughts about why you believe I am the person for the job is a deeper and far more special form of recognition.


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