It is Time to Reclaim the Word “Engagement”

martiz instituteThis is a guest post from Mary Beth McEuen, Executive Director of The Maritz Institute, an innovation and leadership hub connecting a network of neuroscientists, academics and business leaders in pursuit of translating a deep understanding of people into more effective business practices.

When I say the word “engagement,” what do you think?

Well, it could mean I am engaged and devoted to someone for life. That’s engagement, right? But in the hands of business leaders, it has too often been defined as “capturing discretionary effort.” I think I’d rather go to the Dentist than have someone capture my discretionary effort.

Now, if you’re interested in creating a meaningful and motivating experience that I care about, you may earn my engagement and devotion. It’s time to reframe how companies think about engagement and adopt first the perspective of the customer or partner or employee. We think of “true engagement” as a relational process that unfolds in and through meaningful and motivating experiences. In order to create meaningful and motivating experiences, there is a need for two things:

  1. Deep insights into human motivation & behavior informed by neuroscience
  2. Seeing people as “peopleā€ and genuinely desiring to unleash their potential and make their lives better.

Check out our microsite for the full white paper and some video snapshots: ( )

We are not the only ones thinking about engagement. There was a great blog post in this week’s Forbes on the subject entitled, “How Deeply Engaging Stakeholder Changes Everything.”


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