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motivactionlogoThis is a guest post by Beau Ballin, Director of Marketing at MotivAction LLC, a 35-year-old Minneapolis based company specializing in recognition, incentive, learning, meeting, and event services.

realtime2After years of overlooking formal measurement in their engagement and recognition strategies, it seems that more companies than ever are paying attention to return-on-investment and other measurement criteria for their programs. As a result of web based recognition technology, it has become easier to track the engagement of participants, not only based on their performance, but also on their web site visits, content viewed, learning, innovation, etc.

The internet and customer relationship management or sales tracking software, turn up great data that can be used to evaluate the actual bottom-line results.  In addition, survey and polling technology make it relatively easy to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on.  All of this has allowed businesses to make great strides over the last few years measuring what really engages their people.

However, what many companies overlook is the opportunity to share data at the participant level in an effort to drive utilization and program engagement. Too many organizations rely on the annual practice of sharing only scores from their employee opinion surveys as a snapshot of engagement for the year. In reality, engagement fluctuates day-to-day and week-to-week.

When effectively implemented, a recognition platform allows an organization the ability to connect daily with their employees, providing a dashboard of performance on an individual, department, and enterprise level. Allowing participants to view the recognition of their peers, progress towards goal, and program utilization connects employees to the brand, the portal, and their performance objectives. The key is to build community and share data not just at an administrative level, but also at the participant level from day one of a program.

The time to measure engagement isn’t just at the end of the program, but at the beginning and during program operation.

Based on the analysis of web site usage, participation in surveys, polls, points-programs, and learning, as well as performance results, you can make real-time adjustments in the elements best suited to address the challenge.

Tracking and sharing real-time performance will help your organization identify key issues that could affect the outcome of your effort so that you can provide additional training modules; add more points to specific behaviors; enhance recognition, or take other steps that can ensure success this year, rather than waiting for the next years employee opinion survey results


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