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7 Important Outcomes From the Recent EEA Expo and Networking Event

We are pleased to announce the successful introduction of the Enterprise Engagement Institute Curriculum and Certification Program at the most recent EEA Expo and Networking Event held June 1-2. Despite the fact that we had to compress a 6 ½ hour program into 3 hours, we received very high ratings for which we’re grateful. Special thanks to curriculum creator Allan Schweyer and presenters Rodger Stotz of the Incentive Research Foundation and Andy Kimball of Qube Learning for their active involvement both before and during the event as key presenters.

The only negative ratings we received were related to the compressed nature of the format, which required us to leave out valuable information related to case studies and implementation practices.

Here are next steps related to the curriculum, program schedule, EEA software tools, corporate and individual curriculum licenses, certification, and sponsorship opportunities.

1. Curriculum Fine-Tuning and Expansion

Over the summer, the Enterprise Engagement Institute that administers the curriculum will incorporate your suggestions and those from others into the final program and will begin adding modules on specific engagement tactics, starting with measurement. We welcome any input you have not already provided through your assessments handed back at the event.

2. Curriculum Webinars and Events in 2011-2012

Starting in September, the EEA will launch a series of free webinars and paid face-to-face events in conjunction with Marcus Evans. Stay tuned for a schedule, to be announced shortly.

Each webinar will focus on a separate portion of the program module, starting with the economics of engagement; key audiences, and then continuing on with specific segments on different engagement tactics, including measurement and leadership coaching, rewards and recognition, customer loyalty programs, and more. Webinars will be marketed to corporation practitioners and to suppliers throughout the world via various program partners.

Your team can participate for free, and webinar and curriculum sponsorship opportunities are available. All registrants for each event will be invited to fill out a special Enterprise Engagement Benchmark Indicator (see below for details) to compare their organization’s enterprise engagement practices against best practices and an aggregate of other webinar participants.

The Curriculum will be online in early 2011 using Qube Learning Management Software at

3. Enterprise Engagement Tools

The EEA is making two valuable software assessment tools available:

The Enterprise Engagement Benchmark Indicator enables organizations to jump start  their Enterprise Engagement efforts by benchmarking their current Enterprise Engagement strategies against best practices. (This was used as part of the exercise at the education program last week.) We will shortly be providing a free version for a preliminary snapshot assessment.  The complete EE Benchmark Indicator assessment, which costs $250, is designed to provide a formal gap analysis to guide the development of an Enterprise Engagement strategy.

eewidgetimageThe EE Widget (available at is a widget placed on a web site that enables an organization to continually monitor the engagement of all of its audiences. Feel free to give it a try absolutely free while it’s in Alpha phase. You can register and copy and have your web master copy and paste the code right into your web site within minutes. The EE Widget is free during Alpha phase—there will be a small monthly fee of from $10 to $50 depending on web traffic to get reports after the complimentary Alpha phase.

4. Curriculum Licenses

We have already been asked by many of you for access to the curriculum slides. Because these slides are the most valuable part of our Intellectual Property they will only be available to organizations or individuals who sign up for a curriculum license or who wish to prepare for a formal certification in the winter of 2012 when the first test will be available.

An individual Curriculum License is available for $250 for one year and includes complimentary one-year use of the EE widget or a one-time use of the EE Benchmark Indicator. An annual EEA Organizational License is available for $1,000 and includes unlimited use by all authorized employees.

Contact me at for more information.

5. EEA Certification

After the launch of the curriculum webinar and face-to-face programs in the fall of 2011, a formal test will be created for introduction in 2012. This test will be used to provide a basic certification in Enterprise Engagement. People will be able to prepare for the tests via the free webinars or via access to the online training program available in early 2012.

6. Speakers Bureau

People who attend one of the EEA face-to-face certification programs, and who are paid licensees or sponsors, may be eligible to present at one or more of our webinar or face-to-face events in 2012. More details will be made available shortly.

7. Sponsorships

The EEA has a number of highly affordable sponsorship programs for organizations that supply engagement products and services that include webinar sponsorships, topic sponsorships, social-networking and lead generation services.

For more information, contact me at for more information.

Thanks again for your support and participation.   Stay tuned for our program schedule and other developments.

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