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Turning the Page – Year in Review

NEW YEARNow that 2011 is officially in the books I thought I’d bring everyone up to speed on the work that was done last year and hint at some of the great stuff planned for 2012.

As you know, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance has a clear, ambitious mission: to help support a new formal business practice required of every business manager—the ability to engage. This capability is required by the new world of business in which consumers and employees have increasing power. If we don’t engage them, we lose out to those who can.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Launch of a Formal Framework for Enterprise Engagement. Like many other fields, Enterprise Engagement involves the integration of a number of key business areas, including leadership, surveys/assessments, communications, training, collaboration, rewards and recognition, and measurement. Engagement is a skill and knowledge base required of all management.There are now emerging full-service engagement agencies that help companies with engagement strategies in the same way as do advertising agencies for marketers. The EEA is helping organizations of all kinds by creating a formal framework for implementation.
  • Completed the launch of its formal Enterprise Engagement Curriculum in conjunction with Marcus Evans, one of the world’s leading providers of high level business education. Management from over a dozen companies attended the first paid Marcus Evans event in Boston, and up to 10 programs are planned for 2012. New curriculum modules were created in 2011on Measurement and Rewards and Recognition, and many more will be added in 2012.We are pleased that we are now being asked by both suppliers and organizations to provide training and facilitation on enterprise engagement practices for their organizations.
  • Launched an ongoing online curriculum delivered via free webinars that include corporate case studies of enterprise engagement strategies. There will be a dozen held in 2012. We will be announcing the full 2012 webinar schedule in the next two weeks.
  • Created the Enterprise Engagement Benchmark Indicator that organizations can use quickly benchmark their Enterprise Engagement strategies and tactics against best practices and those of other organizations. It’s anonymous, free, and provides results as soon as you fill out the survey and hit submit. You can try it at:
  • Relaunched the portal to make it easier to find useful information and resources in this broad field.
  • Created concrete business opportunities for suppliers who have engagement solutions, services, and products.

We can proudly state that no other organization provides a broader set of concrete information solutions to help companies that are seeking to profit from engagement; a more direct way for organizations to find suppliers who can assist them, or a more efficient way for suppliers to reach potential customers in this field.

Whatever your role or interest in this growing field, we look forward to helping your organization profit from it in any way we can.

All the best for a great 2012.

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