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realrecogntionradioRideau, a leading recognition company based in Montreal, has broken new ground in understanding the potential for the recognition field in the consumer marketing space. The old idea of separating consumer loyalty from employee recognition is so pre-enterprise engagement. Check out this recording on Rideau’s Real Recognition Radio program on a ground-breaking case study of how an organization links external and internal engagement. The program includes an interview with Vala Afshar, the Chief Customer Officer for Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications Company.

The interview details a cutting-edge approach to linking customer and employee engagement that enables Enterasys to achieve best-in-class customer satisfaction and employee retention, and, in turn, business success. This interview both demonstrates the potential of enterprise engagement, and the role recognition companies can play. You can access the interview at .

By the way, Rideau has led the way in the world of engagement. To build more trusted relationships, it has created multiple learning resources, such as its Recognition Radio program and Recognition Institute to help organizations maximize results.

I’ve been wondering when the recognition business would expand into consumer loyalty, since many of the loyalty companies focus more on rewards and technology than serious relationship-building. I happened to notice recently that The Miller Co., a well-known Texas-based recognition firm, changed its tag line to “Engaging People, Building Brands.”


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