It Doesn’t Matter How You Get There…

whichwayRemember in school when some kids didn’t want to hang out with other kids?

Apparently it’s not much different in business.

Over the past two months, two different potential sponsors for the Enterprise Engagement Alliance expressed reservations because they felt we have too many sponsors in the rewards & recognition space. One wrote me an e-mail saying that his company focuses on engagement from a “holistic” point of view and they don’t have time to focus on rewards and recognition. The other simply wrote that his team expressed discomfort being seen on the same website as incentive and rewards & recognition suppliers.

Apart from overlooking the number of leading companies in other areas of engagement such as Hay Group, JWT, Marcus Evans, Root, and Avatar HR Solutions that support the EEA, anyone looking at the Enterprise Engagement Alliance curriculum can clearly see that it encompasses all of the disparate elements of engagement – leadership, technology, communications, training, measurement, retention, productivity, collaboration, motivation, rewards & recognition, and others – with no disproportionate emphasis of any kind. Ironically, the companies that raised this issue tend to have their own very narrow definitions of how to address engagement related to providing management training services.

Granted, we all come at engagement from different directions and disciplines. But the whole point of Enterprise Engagement is to be as comprehensive and all-inclusive as possible, understanding that it takes time to bring together all these various policies, procedures and points of view under one umbrella. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there.

The jury is still out on which types of organizations will take advantage of the growing emphasis on Enterprise Engagement. Very few ad agencies have yet focused on internal branding in any significant way. Many of the leading survey companies have either no actionable solution or focus on one specific area – such as management training – when research clearly shows that, for large organizations at least, many more issues come into play to connect engagement with behaviors that drive organizational goals. Ironically some of the traditional incentive and marketing companies with whom certain companies don’t want to associate might actually have an advantage in the new era of engagement, as they have years of experience helping organizations achieve measurable objectives in their sales, channel, consumer, or employee audiences. As we’ve said from the beginning, it’s about people.


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