Engagement U – An Education Program Powered by Passion – April 6-8

The people behind Engagement University have a mission: to help introduce the business and academic world to a new profession known as Enterprise Engagement that they believe is critical for success in the 21st Century. Enterprise Engagement is all about the ability to proactively involve all of the people critical to an organization’s success. The […]

Case Study on a Business Transformation

You can’t fake Engagement.   That’s the lesson behind the methodical transformation of 150-year old Lipic’s Recognition into an engagement company. While still helping clients with traditional tactical solutions, owner Steve Lipic embraced the concept of Enterprise Engagement four years ago and carefully developed the knowledge, skills, and technology to help clients achieve specific goals by […]

Insights From Enterprise Engagement Wisconsin Program

  I walked away from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance regional seminar with some good, actionable ideas from Curt Coffman’s portion of the program on leadership.   Most notable to me was his advice to embrace your business’ biggest challenge rather than trying to avoid them to turn a negative into a positive.  Look at the way […]

New York Times Magazine Article Highlights Enterprise Engagement Concept

The Sunday, Jan. 5 edition of the New York Times magazine featured an exciting article that beautifully articulated the concept of Enterprise Engagement.  No, the article entitled “Thinking Outside the (Big) Box”, by Adam Davidson (follow him here:  @AdamDavison) , did not use our terminology or reference the EEA, but it did highlight the work […]

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