Engagement U. – April 6-8: Determine if Engagement is For You

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“The field of Enterprise Engagement could rival Advertising in Scale,” 

Gary Rhoads, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Graduate School of Business, Brigham Young University.


Engagement University, presented by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, April 6 -8, 2014, is about a critical new business field that helps improve the effectiveness of almost everything you do in business by fostering the proactive involvement of people critical to your success.  The founders of this program believe this could be an enormous  field.  Are they right?

The education program is based on Enterprise Engagement:  The Textbook,  a comprehensive business framework and implementation process that can help organizations sustain high levels of sales, quality, productivity, wellness, and other critical goals.  It will help you determine if this is a field you need to know more about.  If so, you’ll be able to pick up the first edition of Enterprise Engagement:  The Textbook, the first formal roadmap to Enterprise Engagement implementation.

Co-located with the Rewards and Recognition Expo and Engagement Pavilion,  which is free to management at companies that use engagement strategies.

Plus:  Town hall meeting on the future of engagement.

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A Preview of What You’ll Learn

Here’s information on two of the sessions:

Differentiating Brand Through Culture.  Unleashing Hamptonality for the World to See

Gina Valenti, Vice President Owner Services Hilton Worldwide & Vice President Brand Culture and Internal Messaging, Hampton Hotels, provides a case study showcasing how Hampton hotels, a global brand of 2,000 hotels took their internal culture of Hamptonality and turned it inside out, collapsing the wall between internal and external marketing.  Gina will share how through managing the Chain of Influence, Hampton works to engage the hearts and minds of 50,000 team members globally to deliver a differentiated level of service so that all guests will  “Feel the Hamptonality”

Rewards and Recognition: State of the Art  

Rodger Stotz, EEA Curriculum Advisor and Chief Research Officer of the Incentive Research Foundation, and Melissa Van Dyke, President of the Incentive Research Foundation, will share the latest research findings demonstrating the most effective ways to incorporate rewards into engagement strategies. Stotz and Van Dyke will reference extensive research that exposes some of the myths related to the use of noncash rewards.

Big Data Textbook Chapter

Charles Scherbaum, an associate professor of psychology at Baruch College, City University of New York, focuses  the implications of “Big Data” as it relates to engagement management. The growing access to data across the organization–encompassing customers, distribution partners, employees, volunteers–and the increasing ability to correlate audiences, touch points, and actions over time, opens up a new frontier in business effectiveness. Big data promises to take the “warm and fuzzy” out of human analytics and reveal how relationships evolve over time based on interactions with the organization.  Attendees will get a perspective on “Big Data” they can use to not only better understand this increasingly important concept but it’s relationship to overall Enterprise Engagement strategies.

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