Engagement University, April 14-16 in Denver, Focuses on All Aspects of Engagement Theory and Practice

The educational format for Engagement U., Denver, April 14-16, focuses on providing attendees with everything they need to begin implementing engagement to achieve both key branding issues as well as tactical goals at the departmental level. Here’s a sampling of a few of the courses that will be presented at the conference, which includes the […]

Motivation Live: April 22 – 24 Excel Center London

While we’re on the subject of the United Kingdom this week, we thought we’d draw attention to Motivate Europe Live, set for April 22-24 at the Excel Center in London. Billing itself as Europe’s only annual exhibition and conference bringing together incentive and motivation industry professionals and thought leaders, the combined conference and exhibition will […]

U.K. Engagement Efforts, Led by Prime Minister Cameron, Far Surpass Progress in the U.S.

Many in the U.S. might assume that we generally lead the world in business innovation. Of course that’s not true – case in point: engagement. With it’s government-initiated Engage for Success program aimed at promoting engagement throughout business there, the United Kingdom far surpasses the U.S. in its top-level acceptance of engagement as a critical […]

LoyaltyOne’s Bryan Pearson on What Constitutes the ‘Capital L’ of Loyalty

With over 20 years of experience running large loyalty programs, Bryan Pearson, President of LoyaltyOne, is a good person to query about the state of the industry. In a recent interview, we asked him whether he felt that loyalty programs were addressing all of the levers necessary to engage customers. The answer in the majority […]

Engagement University, April 14-16 in Denver – First Event to Focus on Engagement Across the Organization

 Go to eeaexpo.com for more information.  All attendees will receive a copy of Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook, edition 2   Customer and employee engagement have become top priorities at many companies, but most companies and professionals lack a clear implementation framework because the concepts are relatively new and aren’t taught in schools. The Enterprise Engagement […]

Innovation Summit: The Virtuous Circle of Innovation and Engagement

Creating a culture of innovation in which all employees and customers are allowed to submit ideas and collaborate on them to create products and solve problems is a highly engaging strategy: While innovation itself requires engagement to succeed, just being asked for their ideas demonstrates to people that their knowledge and expertise is valued and […]

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