Rename HR to Engagement? This Even Gives Us Pause, But We Love the Question!

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As you can imagine, we took great pleasure in a recent article in TLNT: The Business of HR, by Michelle Roccia, Vice President of the Employee Engagement Division at WinterWyman, a talent search firm. In her article, entitled Renaming HR: Maybe We Should Simply Call it Employee Engagement, she wrote, “For the traditional roles of Human Resources such as attracting, retaining and developing employees, the name makes sense. But, the responsibilities of this group are evolving, and the name HR fails to fully capture or give credit to the important ways this team serves and involves a company and its people.”

She believes HR is ready for rebranding. “Employee Engagement describes this overarching tenet much more effectively than the name Human Resources,” she asserts. “Engagement is inviting; it says you are open to ideas, conversation and feedback.”

While admitting a name change is difficult and will take time, Roccia notes that “With a name change, and the change of focus that goes with it, you will see greater productivity and pride from your team and an excitement that makes everyone in an organization serve as ambassadors and champions for the company.”

Judging from the several comments she received (check them out), the idea has a ways to go, but just the mere mention of the concept from an experienced professional in the field demonstrates the speed with which engagement is gaining traction.

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