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Hay Group Report Highlights Mega Trends and Link to Engagement


A new, information-packed white paper from Hay Group, The New Rules of Engagement, identifies six megatrends, five challenges, and elaborates on how “an engaged and enabled workforce will be critical to responding to these challenges.”

The white paper provides a high-level framework for addressing those challenges in refreshingly practical terms. The megatrends cited in the report include:

  1. Globalization 2.0: The shift in economic power to emerging markets is creating a competition for talent and the need for more collaboration at the same time.
  2. Environmental crisis: The potential disruption of climate change and the competition for scarcer raw materials will stress societies and business.
  3. Demographic change: An increasingly older population is creating potential battles for talent.
  4. Individualism: The growing freedom of choice among increasingly well-off consumers is reducing loyalty, and changes in worker demographics and talent mobility are forcing organizations to develop and manage a more diverse workplace.
  5. Digitization: As work goes increasingly remote, distinctions between personal life and work are blurring.
  6. Technology convergence: The report expects that a series of “nano, bio, information, and cognitive sciences” innovations will create new and powerful technological advances that will continue to transform business at a pace similar to what we’ve seen over the past two decades.

The white paper goes on to cite five more granular challenges and solutions involving employee engagement, all well worth reading. “We’ve combined our research and expertise to highlight…how you can influence change and prepare your workforce and your company by engaging and enabling your people differently in the future,” the report states.

Anyone in business who thinks he or she can ignore the engagement movement should read this white paper.

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