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The Advantage of Being Ahead of the Curve


Right when Engagement has become a top priority and corporate leaders are just beginning to figure out how to profit from it, the founders of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance have already created a broad range of services and tools to help organizations and their solution providers put Engagement into practice.

You can learn how to apply their contributions to your business at Engagement U. and Expo, April 14-16 at the Omni Interlocken in Denver, to which registration is still open. Or, see below the list of all EEA resources, many of which are free of charge thanks to our sponsors and supporters, too lengthy to thank here. Turns out these people and companies were way ahead of their time.

Over six years ago, before almost anyone was talking about a formal field based on an enterprise approach to Engagement, EEA contributors invested their time, expertise and dollars to create a broad set of tools – many of them free of charge and available nowhere else in one place – specifically to help organizations profit from Engagement across the entire enterprise, These include:

  • A formal framework and implementation process detailed in Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook, now going into its second printing, whose framework and processes include unique ROI components.
  • The Engaged Company Stock Index that significantly outperforms the S&P 500 and most mutual fund managers to demonstrate the benefit to shareholders.
  • A growing free online curriculum and test to help practitioners and solution providers apply science to their programs.
  • The annual Engagement U. conference that enables information sharing and innovation in the field—registration is still open for this year’s April 14-16 conference in Denver
  • Engagement Strategies Magazine and e-newsletter to regularly cover news, research and companies in the field, along with growing LinkedIn and Twitter communities
  • The org portal, soon to be relaunched with a new responsive design, focusing on news, research, new products, events, books, profiles and links to resources throughout the world in all areas of Engagement.
  • A new separate site for the Enterprise Engagement Alliance outlining all of our services.
  • Free online tools to help people benchmark their organizational  practices and personal Engagement

In many cases, the EEA contributors who made these programs possible have competitors who can benefit from their investment. Why would they do this?

For both a better world and business: Starting in late 2007, a small group of corporate practitioners, academics and sponsors saw the possibility that Enterprise Engagement could emerge into a formal field that could benefit not only business but society in general. Customers would be happier because service, quality and value would improve; employees would experience greater fulfillment and meaning in their jobs; suppliers and distributors would benefit from having more transparent, supportive customers; shareholders and owners would benefit from greater profitability; communities would benefit by having more supportive corporate members; and engagement solution providers would profit by having a huge new market to serve. They knew that every important new area of business or society is built by people working together.

Everyone wins: It’s a cause that benefits everyone; it cuts across all party lines and personal beliefs, and draws upon society’s greatest strength: its people. David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain, has called it a movement essential to the well-being of his country’s people.

For the greater good of all: In other words, the early EEA contributors did this for the greater good – not just for their business, but for you and any organization that believes that engagement can help make a difference. Their contributions created resources ensuring that engagement won’t become just another buzzword or trend.

Our mission is to help organizations profit from engagement across the entire enterprise. Just let us know how we can help you. Feel free to contact me at any time for additional info at or 914-591-7600, ext. 230.

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