Travel and Engagement Course: Upcoming Webinar Offers Unique Perspective

This new Enterprise Engagement Alliance course on Travel and Engagement brings together over a decade of research to show the unique ways that travel is used to engage people in a far broader way than most people would think. This session demonstrates how the impact of well-designed incentive travel and other business travel appears to […]

Is Recognition Ready to Hit the Re-set Button?

Over the last few weeks, two of the leading U.S. recognition firms, Achievers and TharpeRobbins, have appointed as CEOs human resources veterans who both recently held top management positions at Kenexa, a large human capital management firm now owned by IBM. Is this a coincidence? Achievers is primarily owned by Sequoia Capital, one of the […]

Investment Community Increasingly Considers Engagement Issues

When one of the world’s largest and most successful asset managers does something, it’s only a matter of time before other investment companies do the same. According to a recent article in Economic Times, BlackRock and others now consider statistics and other employee engagement data they can gather as part of their overall analysis […]

Engagement University in Denver: Key Takeaways

We will be publishing a number of articles about last week’s Engagement U. in the coming days, as well as posting the presentations, but here are a few immediate takeaways: Enterprise Engagement is indeed emerging into a formal field – almost all attendees surveyed say they believe engagement is emerging as a hot topic, and […]

Moving Engagement From Buzzword to Implementation

A recent column by New York Times writer Tony Schwartz, demonstrates what happens when a field shifts from concept to practice. Schwartz, with whom we have never had any contact, is also an early proponent of the concept of engagement as demonstrated by his book, “The Power of Full Engagement,” published 12 years ago. Interestingly, […]

The Enemy of Engagement: Bad Bosses

The dirty little secret of life in the workplace is that you can work for a great company and have a terrible boss. The company might be known for visionary leadership, pay its employees well, provide great benefits or professional development opportunities and still have bad managers. According to a recent Career Builder report, bad […]

A Broad Impact on Society, the Economy and Business

Engagement has implications that go beyond just our daily business. The British believe it is for the well-being of society by creating a better workplace for employees. We, being Americans, also believe it’s about creating a better place for customers and the distribution partners and vendors who help companies succeed. On a more granular level: […]

Still Questioning Whether or Not Engagement Is Mission-Critical?

What great timing for Engagement University. The EEA has been on what does feel like a long mountain climb with many false summits, and this indeed may be another. But as we convene with many of the people who helped us create and test the first-ever formal curriculum on engagement – long before anyone else […]

Engagement Enterprises LLC, EEA Parent, Closes Sale of its Universal Rewards Exchange (URE) Business Unit to Hinda Incentives Inc.

Engagement Enterprises LLC (EE) at has announced that it has completed the sale of its Universal Rewards Exchange and businesses to Hinda Incentives Inc. Engagement Enterprises will use the proceeds from the sale to focus on its education programs, media properties, benchmark tools and the Engaged Company Stock Index, all designed to help […]

25 Most People-Centric Companies to Be Honored At Engagement U. in Denver, April 14-16, 2015

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) has announced the Top 25 Most People-Centric publicly-held companies in the U.S. The selection is based on a detailed analysis of independent research by McBassi & Company, a leading human capital analytics firm, using data provided by independent research firms related to employee, customer and community engagement. The winners are […]

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