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Engagement University in Denver: Key Takeaways


We will be publishing a number of articles about last week’s Engagement U. in the coming days, as well as posting the presentations, but here are a few immediate takeaways:

  • Enterprise Engagement is indeed emerging into a formal field – almost all attendees surveyed say they believe engagement is emerging as a hot topic, and about half believe it’s on the verge of becoming a bonafide profession.
  • There are many companies focused on success through Enterprise Engagement without calling it that. Two attendees from Big Y, a chain of 65 grocery stores in New England with nearly 10,000 employees, shared the ways their organization puts Enterprise Engagement into action by connecting customers and employees. As would be expected, the company has a team specifically in charge of engagement that reports through HR but which also works closely with marketing. We learned that the company pays more than the minimum wage in most areas, that it offers full healthcare to all full-time employees, and many opportunities for enrichment and growth.
  • Social media is the key tipping point for Enterprise Engagement. Companies have lost control of their brands to consumers and employees as a result of social media and will have to be proactive, instead of reactive, if they want to maximize positive brand impact.
  • The link between financial results and engagement are irrefutable. Companies with consistently high levels of customer and employee engagement outperform their competitors in market share, financials and stock market performance.
  • More and more solution providers in management consulting, marketing and recognition now see the opportunity and are beginning to address the engagement market.
  • The focus on engagement is putting a new light on the use of rewards and recognition, but corporate practitioners and suppliers alike need to better understand the research on how best to use non-cash rewards versus cash.
  • Management in government faces unusual constraints in trying to engage their employees because regulations prevent them from using many of the rewards and gainsharing strategies used by business.


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