Business Motivation Enters Employee Engagement Field


As many readers may know, recently released new human resources tools designed, as reported by, “to improve employee engagement.” What is most significant from our standpoint, based on what was reported, is that actually hasn’t created new technology; it’s repackaging its technology specifically to go after human resources with what TechCrunch says is a major departure for the company. With an installed base of over 100,000 companies worldwide, this provides an entry point into a large new market with many current players.

Based on its announcement, these “new” technologies will enable companies to handle most routine human resources and benefits processes using various apps developed by third parties, and the company’s model will be to continue to grow features through third-party developers. Current products, according to the article, include a new Employee Journeys application for employee recruitment and relationship management; HR Helpdesk software; and Employee Communities using the company’s enterprise social tool, Chatter. It also includes an HR Analytics tool. “What we are doing is taking the best of our technologies and allowing customers to turn them inward and deliver the same type of success to their employees,” Bobby Amezaga, Director of Product Marketing at told TechCrunch.

The article went on to report that “Employees want great job experiences, not just paychecks, in the same way that customers want to feel valued,” according to Denis Pombriant, an analyst with Beagle Research. “A lot of Salesforce customer experience ideas translate to employees. The use of things like Chatter to involve more people in customer experiences helps to give meaning (in a small way) to job life, and Salesforce HR tools provide a way to manage processes.”

Sounds like the definition of Enterprise Engagement to us, and yet another sign this is emerging into a major field with companies like among the technology leaders.

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