Goodsnitch App Connects Employees and Customers to Help Enhance Brand Engagement


goodsnitch2We continue to be excited by the number of tools emerging for the engagement marketplace and to learn how the founders of these tools invented them.  Recently, we shared with you information on theEmployeeApp. This app enables companies to quickly and easily inform employees about the information they need to better perform their jobs via their mobile phones or tablet – a concept that actually grew out of a product designed for public companies to keep the investor community informed. Coincidentally, the founder of also comes out of the financial services sector, and his company is giving away an app he hopes will help transform the relationships between customers, employees and companies of all sizes. Goodsnitch addresses the fundamental customer-employee connection that is at the heart of Enterprise Engagement, and is exciting in its ambition to help small retailers improve their customer experience.

Founder Rob Pace was born and grew up in what he describes as one of the smallest and most remote towns in the “lower 48” on the border of Oregon and Washington, but made an impressive life journey that led to Harvard Business School, a career at Goldman Sachs culminating in a senior partnership, and followed by a period in which he served as National Chairman to the Salvation Army. “Those experiences influenced my thinking dramatically,” he noted in a recent interview. “My takeaway from all of those years of experience is that the most important success factor is to engage customers and build a great team. The focus companies are putting on this topic is growing because of technology, and yet the tools to capitalize and address it are woefully antiquated.”

“There is now this accepted idea that the topic of engagement is important and that companies need to have a plan, but the concept needs to be scaled and treated in its proper place in organizational priorities,” Pace continued. He believes that economics will inevitably be a key driver of the emergence of engagement as a field because of research, indicating that “a small increase in customer satisfaction can increase sales up to 30% or more over several years, and that employee turnover now accounts for 21% of all wage costs.” The topic of engagement, he said, is generating a lot of talk, and might even be emerging into the “thing.” But, he said, “This isn’t just a feel-good concept.”

Goodsnitch is a free app on Android and Apple OS that both companies and consumers can download, not specifically to rate a company (although customers can do so), but for customers to single out an employee who has provided great service. This product is an offshoot of a rating technology that Pace’s company sells to large firms, such as the Dallas Cowboys and Nashville Predators. Goodsnitch, he said, is his product “from the heart”; the app is free to both consumers and businesses, and his company is giving away $1,000 a week to consumers to be shared with an employee singled out for exceptional service. He noted a recent survey of 2,500 Americans conducted by his company found that 85% said organizations should do more to highlight their great employees.

“Our model,” he said, “is to highlight the positive and quietly help the retailer deal with the problem. So far, for every 100,000 feedback messages we’ve received through the system, 90% are positive. Most companies are conditioned to think that feedback is a necessary evil, but it’s actually a key to building great retention. Over 50% of the time, the motivation of one of our users is to give a shout-out to an employee.”

Customer loyalty skyrockets, Pace said, “if you let your employees be recognized by customers.”

“I know we have a hard mission – we want to help mom and pop businesses. We sell our technology to big companies and wanted to create a version that can help small businesses do better as well,” Pace explained. Right now there’s no cost for the Goodsnitch app, either for the consumer or company. The app enables the consumer to highlight an employee who has provided exceptional service, or to provide other feedback. Every company in Google Places is listed, Pace said, but the retailer can access the comments either by signing up online or downloading the app. The key, he noted, is to get retailers to use Goodsnitch and encourage their customers to use it as well.

“Today, a brand is owned not just by the company, but also by the consumer. A change in a favorite restaurant, hotel, or other product or service actually affects our lives. All of these businesses have people involved. Interactions affect millions of human beings every day. Our job is to help organizations get the best out of those interactions by letting customers and employees directly communicate. In everything we do, we help companies celebrate success publicly and fix problems privately.” How does he differentiate Goodsnitch from traditional rating sites? “Rating sites are primarily customers-to-customer dialogues (with businesses sometimes participating).  We open a direct conduit between businesses and consumers with a focus on the human side, especially great employees.”

Pace says there are three megatrends we’re capitalizing on that all work together: 1) engagement is all about the customer experience – and you can’t fake this anymore; 2) crowdsourcing becomes the 21st century version of ‘management by walking around,’ (a term coined by author Tom Peters); and 3) doing good has now become good for business. “We even have a city using our technology that has received over 3,000 pieces of feedback from the community,” he says. Multiple cities use the platform.

What is Pace’s dream outcome for Goodsnitch?

“We want to accelerate this positive feedback, customer-associate connection, because we think it can mean better business, better cities and happier people. We are transitioning from a concept that was feel-good to something that has massive economics. If we can prove this business model, we will find many opportunities at the intersection of doing good and making money.”  

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