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If Engagement Is Just Around the Corner, What Does That Mean to You?

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If Engagement Is Just Around the Corner, What Does That Mean to You?

You can imagine my reaction to Bret Starr’s prognostications about the engagement movement reported this week on ESM at Of course, we hear the same prediction from more and more leaders in human resources and marketing, but after many years in the desert it’s sometimes hard to distinguish reality from mirages. I give Starr some extra credence, though, because of his experience at the front lines of the human capital revolution over the last decade and his firm’s focus on all aspects of this field.

If you believe Starr, corporate management and solution providers still have about 18 months to prepare for what he believes will be one of the biggest new business categories of our time. Coming to grips with the arrival of this new field is about more than simply adding the word “engagement” to traditional programs or using the term on solution provider websites.  Engagement as a formal discipline can’t be sugar-coated with platitudes. Someone has to know how to develop a formal engagement business plan with clear return-on-investment integrating different types of engagement tactics, including enterprise brand definition, leadership training and coaching, audience identification and assessment, communication in all of the forms relevant to each situation, collaboration and innovation, analytics and ROI measurement. As with advertising or any other profession, there’s no secret “proprietary” framework or implementation process for engagement – that’s all in the public domain at The difference lies in the ability to develop and implement a strategy with measurable results, not in using the word to make presentations sound timely.

The expertise required to provide engagement solutions, even as a specialist in any of the areas of engagement, comes not only from an understanding of the overall framework, levers and measures of engagement, which most professionals can easily accomplish in short order, but from actual experience helping organizations achieve goals through people in different settings and the ability to make the most of available information to develop, implement and measure each plan.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance at helps organizations train corporate and solution-provider planners and industry salespeople on engagement fundamentals and engagement business program design. Its Engagement Strategies Media group at offers a wealth of free research, surveys, case studies, industry leader profiles, a buyer’s guide for planners, unique advertising, thought leadership and content marketing programs for solution providers seeking to position themselves as leaders in this emerging field.

Check out these various sites or contact Nick Gazivoda at or call him at 914-591-7600, ext. 238 for more information.


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