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The Rise of Internal Branding

Enterprise Engagement and the HR Perspective The emerging field of Enterprise Engagement helps organizations maximize performance by engaging all of their people – everyone from customers and distribution partners to employees, vendors and related communities. This is the fourth in a series of blogs announcing the launch of the EEA’s Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook and […]

Rethinking the Role of Branding, Agencies, and Consultants

Enterprise Engagement: The Marketing Perspective As Enterprise Engagement continues to emerge as a business strategy, both corporations and their traditional branding, agency and consulting partners face considerable challenges. Enterprise Engagement isn’t about the latest mobile app, media, or event strategy. It’s a strategic focus on achieving organizational goals by fostering the proactive involvement of all […]

Enterprise Engagement Challenges the Status Quo

  Enterprise Engagement: The Management Perspective   Enterprise Engagement is different from traditional management in that it requires a focus on keeping promises, aligning management, and integrating tactics that often are siloed in traditional organizations. This is the second in a series of blogs announcing the launch of the EEA’s Enterprise Engagement: the Textbook and […]

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook Focuses on the Rewards of Virtuous Capitalism

Enterprise Engagement Textbook:  From the Public Policy Perspective Enterprise Engagement is a new field that responds to the growing outcry for a more humane form of capitalism, while remaining true to capitalism’s goal of maximizing profits, because it proves that the two are not only compatible but are actually better for shareholders over the long […]

EY Supports Emergence of Enterprise Engagement

Ernst & Young LLP has become a formal supporter of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and will serve on the board overseeing the development and distribution of the Enterprise Engagement textbook and certification program. Enterprise Engagement:  The textbook is available at and will be officially released April 6 at Engagement University in Nashville at […]

Engagement Gains in Search Term Popularity, But Recognition Still Rules

Google’s term analytics tool provides a fun way to see trends in key words showing up on the internet.  The graphs below show how much the various terms are showing up in news headlines. As you can see in the charts below, “customer engagement” and “employee engagement” are on the upswing and hits for “incentive programs” […]

Engagement U. – April 6-8: Determine if Engagement is For You

    “The field of Enterprise Engagement could rival Advertising in Scale,”  Gary Rhoads, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Graduate School of Business, Brigham Young University.   Engagement University, presented by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, April 6 -8, 2014, is about a critical new business field that helps improve the effectiveness of almost everything you do in […]

Engagement University April 6-8: Can This Profession Propel Your Business, Career?

Engagement University, presented by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, April 6-8, 2014, is about a critical new business field that helps improve the effectiveness of almost everything you do in business by fostering the proactive involvement of people critical to your success.  It’s a unique opportunity to kick the tires and determine if this is a […]

Engagement U. – April 6-8. Is the Engagement Movement Real?

 “Enterprise Engagement is an essential new field critical to delivering our brand promises.  The managers, employees, and vendor partners who understand the concept of Engagement will have the competitive edge.” Gina Valenti, Vice President Owner Services Hilton Worldwide & Vice President Brand Culture and Internal Messaging, Hampton Hotels Engagement University, presented by the Enterprise Engagement […]

New Book “The Good Jobs Strategy”: More Evidence for Enterprise Engagement Concepts

Have you seen M.I. T. professor Neynep Ton’s new book,  The Good Jobs Strategy? The tag line should sound  familiar: “How the smartest companies invest in employees to lower costs and boost profits.” Her book was mentioned in the New York Times magazine article we referenced in an earlier post, so we thought we’d get […]

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