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New Product Profile: Haydle Enterprise Q&A Platform Enhances Collaboration

Over the past year or two we’ve seen a surprising increase in the number of different types of technologies and services touting their ability to address various areas of customer, employee and distributor partner engagement – from leadership, coaching, assessment and communications to collaboration, innovation, rewards & recognition and analysis. In light of this, Engagement […]

Where Engagement Hits the Heart

This wonderful column in the New York Times Sunday Business section on Oct. 12 demonstrates the impact that front-line leadership can have in terms of engaging people in the most meaningful way possible. So much so that a Pizza Hut employee of many years ago gives the company some of the best PR it could […]

At Chariot Solutions, Engagement Requires an ‘Inspirational Environment’

It always gets our attention when we receive a press release from a company touting its commitment to employee engagement, so we followed up on a recent release from Chariot Solutions to find out why. The company is a software application development, consulting and training firm specializing in open source technologies, enterprise and mobile application […]

EEA Launches New Online University, People-Centric Awards

Here’s a heads up on multiple important EEA initiatives related to our mission to create the formal field of Enterprise Engagement: Engagement U. Online is ready for September Launch. Here is a preview of the new Engagement U. online that Curriculum Director Allan Schweyer has created with our many contributors. We will be expanding the […]

The Most Overlooked Competitive Advantage: The Human Factor

I am always amazed about the extent to which organizations overlook the impact their employees have on their brand, productivity, quality and performance. While companies often publicly disclose their expenditure on advertising – the process of making promises – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company disclose a budget for keeping promises – i.e., […]

Starbucks Recognizes Impact of Employee Treatment on its Brand Image

Recent actions taken by Starbucks related to the creation of an employee college education program and changes in the way it schedules employee work time demonstrate the company’s realization that how it treats employees affects its brand image. As almost everyone in retail knows, companies have become incredibly unfriendly to employees when it comes to […]

Take Employee Recognition beyond Service Awards

  Guest Post by Cynthia Mielke Vice President Marketing Marketing Innovators A recent article in Forbes speaks to the differences in generations and cultural expectations. Today, recognition is expected, even for non-exceptional actions. People look to be rewarded for things as simple as showing up to work on time or putting in a full 8 hours. How […]


With all of the research suggesting that Engagement is emerging as a top priority, loyalty leaders Colloquy and Mastercard are taking a stand in a webinar set for Thursday, Sept. 18, at 2 p.m. Eastern.  Here’s what they’re saying about the program: “‘ Engagement’has been front and center in a number of webinars and conferences over the […]

The Smart, Sexy, Simple Test

  I heard a great way to evaluate the potential success of a business concept from Peter Hart, President of Rideau Corp., a leading international recognition firm based in Montreal. He was happy to let me share it with our readers: Hart says that to succeed, new products or services should be Smart, Sexy and […]

Go South–Enterprise Engagement Experts

We are scanning job descriptions and jobs to see how they are changing in the world of Enterprise Engagement in which an organization’s brand links all of its audiences. So far, the best examples of this from a professional standpoint are coming from the southern hemisphere. Check out the job description for this Brand Manager […]

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