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Who Are America’s Most ‘People-Centric’ Companies?

These 25 firms surpass all others when it comes to strategically engaging their employees, customers and communities The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) has announced the Top 25 Most People-Centric publicly held companies in the U.S., based on a detailed analysis of independent research by McBassi & Company, a leading human capital analytics firm. People-Centric companies […]

How to Further Alienate an Already Alienated Workforce

Click to see larger image.  Source: cnbc  Link:

Introducing the Enterprise Engagement Curriculum Fall Webinar Program

In partnership with Marcus Evans, attend any of the complimentary webinars below on the new formal Enterprise Engagement Curriculum, covering all of the key areas of engagement in business. Learn about the emerging new discipline of engagement and how it affects all aspects of your organization’s brand, management, and marketing in the intro session. Understand […]

2011 EEA Networking Expo Reveals Need For Separate Rewards & Recognition Forum

Based on the results of its 2011 Enterprise Engagement Alliance Networking Conference and Expo, the EEA has decided to separate its Enterprise Engagement Curriculum and Certification education program from its Rewards and Recognition Networking Expo in 2012. The 2012 Rewards and Recognition Networking Expo will provide a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers of rewards […]

It is Time to Reclaim the Word “Engagement”

This is a guest post from Mary Beth McEuen, Executive Director of The Maritz Institute, an innovation and leadership hub connecting a network of neuroscientists, academics and business leaders in pursuit of translating a deep understanding of people into more effective business practices. When I say the word “engagement,” what do you think? Well, it […]

Whether Strategic or Tactical – Engagement is About Relationships

Jeffrey Grisamore is President of EGR International, a full-service enterprise engagement agency that provides both strategic and tactical solutions to leading organizations worldwide. When people think of Enterprise Engagement, the first thought for some is that it’s a strategy that requires top management commitment and a structural change in the way branding and behaviors are […]

Why Engagement Matters for Managers

The following is a guest post from Mark Royal, Senior Principal at Hay Group, a global management consulting firm that works with leaders to transform strategy into reality. Hay Group develops talent, organizes people to be more effective and motivates them to perform at their best. Though frameworks for understanding engagement vary, the concept is […]

Real-Time Performance Measurement – Guest Post

This is a guest post by Beau Ballin, Director of Marketing at MotivAction LLC, a 35-year-old Minneapolis based company specializing in recognition, incentive, learning, meeting, and event services. After years of overlooking formal measurement in their engagement and recognition strategies, it seems that more companies than ever are paying attention to return-on-investment and other measurement […]

SECRET SAUCE: An Incentive Travel Program Recipe

Today’s guest post is by Melissa Van Dyke – President of The Incentive Research Foundation.  The Incentive Research Foundation funds and promotes research to advance the science, enhance the awareness and appropriate application of motivation and incentives in business and industry globally. The goal is to increase the understanding, effective use and resultant benefits of […]

Engagement and Beyond: Going to the Next Level

Today’s guest post is by Bill Schiemann Ph.D., founder and CEO of Metrus Group and currently serving as the Chairman of the SHRM Foundation Board.  In his role at Metrus, Bill specializes in performance measurement and organizational change.  He has consulted extensively with corporations on the development and implementation of business and people strategies; people […]

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