Go South–Enterprise Engagement Experts

We are scanning job descriptions and jobs to see how they are changing in the world of Enterprise Engagement in which an organization’s brand links all of its audiences. So far, the best examples of this from a professional standpoint are coming from the southern hemisphere. Check out the job description for this Brand Manager […]

Does Anyone Believe in Advertising?

  I was sitting on a delayed flight recently with the friendly CFO at one of the nation’s top advertising agencies. We had both had a few drinks and covered a lot of ground about marketing and trends. Finally, I asked him a simple question: “Do you think most people believe the claims they hear […]

N.Y. Times Haggler David Segal Unknowingly Propels Engagement Movement

Every Sunday I look forward to David  Segal’s The Haggler column which regularly exposes the needless aggravation organizations inflict upon customers as a result of rigid policies and disengaged or dis-empowered employees.  His regular exposés always amuse me in the context that Enterprise Engagement is based on nearly 20 years of research demonstrating that if […]

Is it Internal Branding or Enterprise Branding?

The head of a company I would describe as one of the country’s few engagement agencies recently called me about a branding issue. He was preparing for a meeting of the company’s strategic planning people wanted to toss around some ideas. He had been focusing heavily on the use of internal branding to explain what […]

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