This is Enterprise Engagement at the Front Lines

Engagement isn’t just a buzzword or a nice to have; it’s a formal business practice to achieve key goals that permeates the way organizations lead, coach, measure, communicate, teach, reward, etc.  As seen in these photos, The Container Store brings the concept of Enterprise Engagement right into the home by prominently conveying its values on […]

Amazon and the Bezos Leadership Experiment

Several weeks ago we posted a news insight article on Tony Hsieh’s bold experiment with holacracy at, a division of Amazon. The New York Times’ recent account of the culture at (see “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” ) highlights an entirely different approach to management at the parent company. […]

Major Promotions Link Employees and Customers in Innovative Ways

The new Starbucks and Spotify promotion is notable on many levels for those who follow the loyalty business, but what struck us was the way the promotion ties together the company’s partners (employees) and customers. Up to 150,000 Starbucks employees will receive free monthly subscriptions to Spotify which they, along with customers, will be able […]

Customer and Employee Engagement Featured in New Brand Journal

  We’re glad to see that the new Journal of Brand Strategy includes two critical subjects taken verbatim off of the publication’s promotional material: • Customer engagement • Branding and employee engagement This underlines what we’ve been saying all along: employee engagement is a branding (hence a marketing) issue.

Interesting AFLAC Internal Branding Case Study

Check out this interview with Susan Goodsell, Manager of Employee Communications for Aflac, for how this leading insurer implements its enterprise brand. This is yet another example of the growing number of companies with a 360-degree view of branding to connect employees and customers.

Updated Inward Consulting Web Site Helps Set New Direction for Marketing

Check out the new web site for the internal branding agency Inward Consulting at  We are not taking any credit for inspiring this direction.  We are drawing attention to this site because it indicates how more and more companies are beginning to focus on integrating external and internal branding in a way reflected in […]

Rethinking the Role of Branding, Agencies, and Consultants

Enterprise Engagement: The Marketing Perspective As Enterprise Engagement continues to emerge as a business strategy, both corporations and their traditional branding, agency and consulting partners face considerable challenges. Enterprise Engagement isn’t about the latest mobile app, media, or event strategy. It’s a strategic focus on achieving organizational goals by fostering the proactive involvement of all […]

Engagement U. – April 6-8: Determine if Engagement is For You

    “The field of Enterprise Engagement could rival Advertising in Scale,”  Gary Rhoads, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Graduate School of Business, Brigham Young University.   Engagement University, presented by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, April 6 -8, 2014, is about a critical new business field that helps improve the effectiveness of almost everything you do in […]

New Book From Britain Focuses on Strategic Brand Engagement

Leave it to the Brits to help articulate the future of marketing. Click to order from Amazon.

Milwaukee Biztimes Editor Scoops Big Media on Linking the Internal, External Brand

I love it when the little guys scoop the big media. Steve Jagler, executive editor for the Milwaukee Biztimes, has recently provided more coverage on the emerging area of internal branding, or what we call Enterprise Engagement, than I’ve seen in the major media. In his second recent post on internal branding entitled Corporate Brands […]

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