Enters Employee Engagement Field

As many readers may know, recently released new human resources tools designed, as reported by, “to improve employee engagement.” What is most significant from our standpoint, based on what was reported, is that actually hasn’t created new technology; it’s repackaging its technology specifically to go after human resources with what TechCrunch says […]

The Enemy of Engagement: Bad Bosses

The dirty little secret of life in the workplace is that you can work for a great company and have a terrible boss. The company might be known for visionary leadership, pay its employees well, provide great benefits or professional development opportunities and still have bad managers. According to a recent Career Builder report, bad […]

The Secret of Effective Motivation?

A fascinating guest column in the Sunday New York Times week in review (once again demonstrating the increased focus on this subject) addresses the fundamental issues about what drives us. But the authors, with all of their indisputable expertise, may be overlooking a fundamental connection between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. In their column, the Secret […]

Verizon Annual Report Makes Strong Case for Incentives, But for Whom?

If incentives work for executives, why not for employees? Verizon’s annual report says that “to provide executives with additional focus and incentives to drive year-over-year growth and profitability… the committee expanded the payout range of the short-term incentive program for 2012…” The report explains the incentives are used to “attract, retain and motivate high-performing executives” […]

New Book “The Good Jobs Strategy”: More Evidence for Enterprise Engagement Concepts

Have you seen M.I. T. professor Neynep Ton’s new book,  The Good Jobs Strategy? The tag line should sound  familiar: “How the smartest companies invest in employees to lower costs and boost profits.” Her book was mentioned in the New York Times magazine article we referenced in an earlier post, so we thought we’d get […]

Why Engagement Matters for Managers

The following is a guest post from Mark Royal, Senior Principal at Hay Group, a global management consulting firm that works with leaders to transform strategy into reality. Hay Group develops talent, organizes people to be more effective and motivates them to perform at their best. Though frameworks for understanding engagement vary, the concept is […]

Use of “Employee Engagement” Term Surges This Decade

Happy New Year! It seems appropriate at the beginning of a new year to look back and get some perspective on the emerging concept of Enterprise Engagement. Our Social Media Editor, Paul Hebert of I2I, a marketing company at, used a new Google tool known as Ngram to get an historical view of terminology […]

Are You Foisting or Fostering Engagement in Your Organization?

The following is a guest post from Derek Irvine, Head of Strategic Consulting and CMO, Globoforce – a leading worldwide provider of global strategic recognition solutions.   In addition to their main website they can also be found on twitter, facebook, linkedin and have a well regarded blog. . The state of employee engagement is much in the news lately. The […]

Incentive Is NOT a Dirty Word

The following is a guest post from Sandra Daniel, President and CEO of FIRE Light Group. FIRE Light Group is a full service incentive marketing company focused on helping organizations motivate their workforce, distributors and/or customers. FIRE Light is one of our speakers and panel members at EEA Expo June 4-5, 2010. . It is true […]

Small Rewards Thrive During Lean Times

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Rewards for Extra Work Come Cheap in Lean Times,” companies are putting a greater focus on low-cost incentives such as thank-you notes and gift cards. With pay increases small, and bonus dollars tight, the article said, companies such as Ford, Sanofi SA and Rockwell Collins […]

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