The Tappan Zee Bridge: A Case Study of Engagement at Work for America

What This Project Tells Us About Our People and Successful Bi-Partisan Leadership The concept of Enterprise Engagement extends far beyond business into every part of American life, in the grandest way illustrated by the passion and power of the America that overcame the Nazis in World War II in what now seems like an amazingly short victory, […]

Goodsnitch App Connects Employees and Customers to Help Enhance Brand Engagement

We continue to be excited by the number of tools emerging for the engagement marketplace and to learn how the founders of these tools invented them.  Recently, we shared with you information on theEmployeeApp. This app enables companies to quickly and easily inform employees about the information they need to better perform their jobs via […]

Special Offer for EEA Community for E2MA 2015 Red Diamond Congress, July 20-22, Quincy MA

As indicated in the chapter on Trade Show Engagement in the 2nd edition of Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook, trade shows have become a critical tool for engaging not only customers, but also employees and vendors. This year’s Red Diamond Conference, produced by E2MA (the Exhibitor and Event Marketers’ Association), will have a special track on […]

Rename HR to Engagement? This Even Gives Us Pause, But We Love the Question!

As you can imagine, we took great pleasure in a recent article in TLNT: The Business of HR, by Michelle Roccia, Vice President of the Employee Engagement Division at WinterWyman, a talent search firm. In her article, entitled Renaming HR: Maybe We Should Simply Call it Employee Engagement, she wrote, “For the traditional roles of […]

The Smart, Sexy, Simple Test

  I heard a great way to evaluate the potential success of a business concept from Peter Hart, President of Rideau Corp., a leading international recognition firm based in Montreal. He was happy to let me share it with our readers: Hart says that to succeed, new products or services should be Smart, Sexy and […]

EEA Web Site Visitors Are Engaged in Their Work—Paul Herr Guest Blog

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) conducted a voluntary poll on its website over the past two years, and the results are in. Visitors to the Enterprise Engagement portal who participated in our Personal Engagement Meter are relatively engaged in their work. According to the results, the “emotional paycheck” for the people who took the poll was positive […]

For ChipRewards, the Focus is on Behavioral Science

The fun part of this job is interviewing the founders or management of all sorts of engagement solution providers, and it was a particular pleasure to run in to the folks at ChipRewards, Inc. Don’t be fooled by the name – an acronym for Consumer Health Incentive Program Rewards – this company means business when […]

Want People Engaged with Your Wellness Program? Get Social!

Cindy Mielke

@SHRM Launches Engagement Survey for Small- to Mid-Size Companies

More evidence that Engagement is going mainstream: The Society of Human Resources Management is launching an engagement survey service priced for small- to mid-size companies known as SHRM People InSight. The SHRM team will be on site at the upcoming SHRM conference in Orlando June 22-25 to demo the new product. For information, call S. Evren Esen, Director, […]

Please Voice Your Support for People-Centric Enterprise

We are hoping to get your feedback and participation in a grass roots social media strategy to promote business strategies that can help your business.  Please check out Our objective is to build a continually growing community of consumers, employees, and citizens demonstrating their support for people-centric businesses, telling us about  great companies, and […]

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