Go South–Enterprise Engagement Experts

We are scanning job descriptions and jobs to see how they are changing in the world of Enterprise Engagement in which an organization’s brand links all of its audiences. So far, the best examples of this from a professional standpoint are coming from the southern hemisphere. Check out the job description for this Brand Manager […]

Lipic’s Named Premier Engagement Agency Agent After Successful Test

Here’s more evidence of how engagement is catching on. After a highly successful test program, Lipic’s Engagement of St. Louis, MO, has been named the Premier Agent of The Engagement Agency, an international firm designed to help corporations – and the marketing and human resources firms that serve them – profit from the emerging field […]

Rethinking the Role of Branding, Agencies, and Consultants

Enterprise Engagement: The Marketing Perspective As Enterprise Engagement continues to emerge as a business strategy, both corporations and their traditional branding, agency and consulting partners face considerable challenges. Enterprise Engagement isn’t about the latest mobile app, media, or event strategy. It’s a strategic focus on achieving organizational goals by fostering the proactive involvement of all […]

Engagement U. – April 6-8: Determine if Engagement is For You

    “The field of Enterprise Engagement could rival Advertising in Scale,”  Gary Rhoads, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Graduate School of Business, Brigham Young University.   Engagement University, presented by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, April 6 -8, 2014, is about a critical new business field that helps improve the effectiveness of almost everything you do in […]

Engagement U. – April 6-8. Is the Engagement Movement Real?

 “Enterprise Engagement is an essential new field critical to delivering our brand promises.  The managers, employees, and vendor partners who understand the concept of Engagement will have the competitive edge.” Gina Valenti, Vice President Owner Services Hilton Worldwide & Vice President Brand Culture and Internal Messaging, Hampton Hotels Engagement University, presented by the Enterprise Engagement […]

New Discover Card Ad Promotes Relationships…

Have you seen this ad about the Discover Card customer surprised to find a human being at the other end of the phone? This obviously stylized encounter may or may not be a true reflection of the relationship you’ll have with Discover Card, and we’re not even sure that this human touch will alone catapult […]

The Coffman Organization to Head Alliance of Marketing Firms Launching ‘The Engagement Agency’

The Coffman Organization, one of the nation’s leading engagement assessment and coaching forms, has joined an alliance of companies known as the The Engagement Agency to provide full-service engagement solutions to businesses and organizations throughout the country. “Organizations are spending hundreds of  millions of dollars on engagement surveys; incentive, loyalty, and recognition programs; communication and social […]

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