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Still Questioning Whether or Not Engagement Is Mission-Critical?

What great timing for Engagement University. The EEA has been on what does feel like a long mountain climb with many false summits, and this indeed may be another. But as we convene with many of the people who helped us create and test the first-ever formal curriculum on engagement – long before anyone else […]

The Most Overlooked Competitive Advantage: The Human Factor

I am always amazed about the extent to which organizations overlook the impact their employees have on their brand, productivity, quality and performance. While companies often publicly disclose their expenditure on advertising – the process of making promises – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company disclose a budget for keeping promises – i.e., […]

Customer and Employee Engagement Featured in New Brand Journal

  We’re glad to see that the new Journal of Brand Strategy includes two critical subjects taken verbatim off of the publication’s promotional material: • Customer engagement • Branding and employee engagement This underlines what we’ve been saying all along: employee engagement is a branding (hence a marketing) issue.

New Book by @eholtzclaw Turns Consumer Analysis Inside Out

Erick V. Holtzclaw’s new book, Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior, takes on the traditional process-oriented approach to understanding customers. The term “laddering” refers to the author’s step-by-step approach to rewriting the way organizations understand and dialog with customers and use data to develop products or other initiatives. Holtzclaw argues that technology and the […]

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook Focuses on Using Engagement to Achieve Business Goals

Enterprise Engagement Textbook:  From the Public Policy Perspective Enterprise Engagement is a new field that responds to the growing outcry for a more humane form of capitalism, while remaining true to capitalism’s goal of maximizing profits, because it proves that the two are not only compatible but are actually better for shareholders over the long […]

Barbara Porter, Ernst & Young: 5 Tips for Successful Project Partnerships

This is a guest post from Barbara Porter,  Executive Director, Advisor, Customer Practice, Ernst & Young A lot of time, effort and resources are spent identifying projects and developing RFP’s.  On top of that, add the processes of issuing and evaluating RFP responses.  On top of that, add the time spent meeting with the qualified […]

The Success Syndrome

  Recently, I commented on the insularity at Google that I suspect lies at the heart of so many product failures. While Google prints money with search, few of its other ventures have fared so well. The danger of arrogance was recently explained by Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. In a recent interview with the […]

Fast Company Features Article on Link Between Happiness and Finances

Mark C. Crowley, a recent guest poster on this blog, recently bylined an article for Fast Company on the link between happy employees and financial success. In his article, The Proof Is In The Profits: America’s Happiest Companies Make More Money, Crowley reports on the Parnassus Workplace Fund, which he asserts “has proven, dignity has […]

New EEA-McBassi Stock Index Takes a Long View

The new Enterprise Engagement Alliance Good Company Stock Index, produced by human resources analytics leader McBassi & Co., isn’t for day traders. In fact, in its first three days, the “bad” companies are leading the “good companies.”  What we expect to support over time (a three- to five-year period) is that organizations with highly engaged […]

Most Engaged Employee Contest Will Recognize Top Talent Across the U.S.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) announces the launch of the Most Engaged Employee contest to publicly recognize actively engaged employees for making a significant difference for their employers, colleagues and customers/clients. Interested parties can submit their nominations and/or anonymously test their level of personal engagement at The annual winner, to be named in May […]

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