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Understanding the New Tools of Engagement

In recent blog posts, we’ve covered the debate beginning to emerge in human resources circles about whether or not today’s human resources professional – or marketing executive, for that matter – has a grasp of the new tools that need to be integrated to better engage key audiences. Traditionally, organizations have siloed a lot of […]

Perspectives of an Early Engagement Leader

While we at the EEA take great pride in having identified the emergence of engagement long before most, we didn’t invent the field. What is so exciting about this journey is the people we meet along the way who have reached very much the same conclusions through their own experience without knowing about the others […]

Deloitte Study: Engagement, Retention and Culture Top 2015 HR Challenges – Now What?

Evidence continues to mount that employee engagement, retention and culture have emerged as top priorities…but now what? While the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015 survey of 3,200 respondents in 100 countries reports engagement and the related issues of retention and culture are now critical problems worldwide, many in human resources management have just begun […]

Study Shows How Mobile Enables Enterprise Engagement

Over the past several months, this blog has made the point that mobile technology is just the latest tipping point for Enterprise Engagement, as it brings everyone in all areas of business the power to engage people in a highly tangible way. This recent study by International Data Corporation, commissioned by OpenMarket, which considers itself […]

The Advantage of Being Ahead of the Curve

Right when Engagement has become a top priority and corporate leaders are just beginning to figure out how to profit from it, the founders of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance have already created a broad range of services and tools to help organizations and their solution providers put Engagement into practice. You can learn how to […]

Where Will Engagement Budgets Come From?

I was talking with a senior practitioner for a top engagement agency recently about the issue of budgets. A prospect, he said, had mentioned that “Employee engagement is a very important topic around here, but I don’t know how I’m going to go about getting a budget for this right now.” The answer, I said, […]

Does This Engagement Thing Really Matter?

Having started working with my EEA colleagues and faculty on this concept of Engagement as far back as 2007, I’ve met my share of skeptics, both on the corporate and engagement solution-provider side. On the corporate site, I’ve heard such comments as, “It’s too warm and fuzzy.” From solution providers I’ve heard, “It’s just another […]

Hay Group Report Highlights Mega Trends and Link to Engagement

A new, information-packed white paper from Hay Group, The New Rules of Engagement, identifies six megatrends, five challenges, and elaborates on how “an engaged and enabled workforce will be critical to responding to these challenges.” The white paper provides a high-level framework for addressing those challenges in refreshingly practical terms. The megatrends cited in the […]

Is Centuries-Old Incentive and Recognition Business Set for More Change?

Most people don’t know that the history of incentives, rewards and recognition goes back thousands of years and that it was a formal business profession as long ago as the turn of the last century, when Premium Practice, now Incentive magazine, was founded. Now, the emergence of Engagement and extensive research on the role of […]

Rename HR to Engagement? This Even Gives Us Pause, But We Love the Question!

As you can imagine, we took great pleasure in a recent article in TLNT: The Business of HR, by Michelle Roccia, Vice President of the Employee Engagement Division at WinterWyman, a talent search firm. In her article, entitled Renaming HR: Maybe We Should Simply Call it Employee Engagement, she wrote, “For the traditional roles of […]

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