Why Engagement is a Movement in the U.K. and Not Yet in the U.S. : An Interview with David MacLeod

While the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and its sponsors have toiled away mostly under the radar in the U.S. to promote the field of Enterprise Engagement, in Great Britain it’s another story. Backed by the commitment of David Cameron, the country’s recently re-elected Prime Minister, the topic of employee engagement, it’s safe to say, is a […]

Human Resources as Profit Center

It’s exciting to see the discussion beginning to occur in human resources spurred by the engagement movement. As we’ve cited in pasts posts, some HR professionals are admitting that engagement challenges the traditional skill set and mindset of some human resources professionals because it requires an understanding of branding, all forms of communication, learning, innovation […]

Salesforce.com Enters Employee Engagement Field

As many readers may know, Salesforce.com recently released new human resources tools designed, as reported by Techcrunch.com, “to improve employee engagement.” What is most significant from our standpoint, based on what was reported, is that Salesforce.com actually hasn’t created new technology; it’s repackaging its technology specifically to go after human resources with what TechCrunch says […]

Is Recognition Ready to Hit the Re-set Button?

Over the last few weeks, two of the leading U.S. recognition firms, Achievers and TharpeRobbins, have appointed as CEOs human resources veterans who both recently held top management positions at Kenexa, a large human capital management firm now owned by IBM. Is this a coincidence? Achievers is primarily owned by Sequoia Capital, one of the […]

A Broad Impact on Society, the Economy and Business

Engagement has implications that go beyond just our daily business. The British believe it is for the well-being of society by creating a better workplace for employees. We, being Americans, also believe it’s about creating a better place for customers and the distribution partners and vendors who help companies succeed. On a more granular level: […]

Perspectives of an Early Engagement Leader

While we at the EEA take great pride in having identified the emergence of engagement long before most, we didn’t invent the field. What is so exciting about this journey is the people we meet along the way who have reached very much the same conclusions through their own experience without knowing about the others […]

The Rise of Internal Branding

Enterprise Engagement and the HR Perspective The emerging field of Enterprise Engagement helps organizations maximize performance by engaging all of their people – everyone from customers and distribution partners to employees, vendors and related communities. This is the fourth in a series of blogs announcing the launch of the EEA’s Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook and […]

The Coffman Organization to Head Alliance of Marketing Firms Launching ‘The Engagement Agency’

The Coffman Organization, one of the nation’s leading engagement assessment and coaching forms, has joined an alliance of companies known as the The Engagement Agency to provide full-service engagement solutions to businesses and organizations throughout the country. “Organizations are spending hundreds of  millions of dollars on engagement surveys; incentive, loyalty, and recognition programs; communication and social […]

New Market Report Hugely Underestimates the Size of the Engagement Field

As someone long involved with research in various areas of engagement, no one is more suspicious than I am of market estimates. And this time I can categorically state that the Oakland, CA-based HR research firm Bersin & Associates got it totally wrong in its recently released market focus report on employee engagement. The firm […]

Most Engaged Employee Contest Will Recognize Top Talent Across the U.S.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA) announces the launch of the Most Engaged Employee contest to publicly recognize actively engaged employees for making a significant difference for their employers, colleagues and customers/clients. Interested parties can submit their nominations and/or anonymously test their level of personal engagement at  www.mostengagedemployee.com The annual winner, to be named in May […]

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