Tony Hsieh and the ‘Holacracy’ Experiment

I guess the more successful people become, the more criticism they face. Serial entrepreneur and purveyor of happiness in business Tony Hsieh, best known as CEO of, is facing a surprising level of criticism for embracing the self-management concept of Holacracy at his company of about 1,500 employees. Created by another tech entrepreneur, Brian […]

Human Resources as Profit Center

It’s exciting to see the discussion beginning to occur in human resources spurred by the engagement movement. As we’ve cited in pasts posts, some HR professionals are admitting that engagement challenges the traditional skill set and mindset of some human resources professionals because it requires an understanding of branding, all forms of communication, learning, innovation […]

The Dirty Little Secret About Engagement Surveys

U.S. businesses collectively spend billions of dollars each year on employee engagement surveys, and the dirty little secret is that more often than not the results don’t get the follow-up they deserve. Some of the world’s leading consulting firms have employee engagement survey businesses that charge multi-nationals six- and even seven-figure sums to track the […]

Is Recognition Ready to Hit the Re-set Button?

Over the last few weeks, two of the leading U.S. recognition firms, Achievers and TharpeRobbins, have appointed as CEOs human resources veterans who both recently held top management positions at Kenexa, a large human capital management firm now owned by IBM. Is this a coincidence? Achievers is primarily owned by Sequoia Capital, one of the […]

Moving Engagement From Buzzword to Implementation

A recent column by New York Times writer Tony Schwartz, demonstrates what happens when a field shifts from concept to practice. Schwartz, with whom we have never had any contact, is also an early proponent of the concept of engagement as demonstrated by his book, “The Power of Full Engagement,” published 12 years ago. Interestingly, […]

The Enemy of Engagement: Bad Bosses

The dirty little secret of life in the workplace is that you can work for a great company and have a terrible boss. The company might be known for visionary leadership, pay its employees well, provide great benefits or professional development opportunities and still have bad managers. According to a recent Career Builder report, bad […]

Enterprise Engagement Challenges the Status Quo

  Enterprise Engagement: The Management Perspective   Enterprise Engagement is different from traditional management in that it requires a focus on keeping promises, aligning management, and integrating tactics that often are siloed in traditional organizations. This is the second in a series of blogs announcing the launch of the EEA’s Enterprise Engagement: the Textbook and […]

Barbara Porter, Ernst & Young: 5 Tips for Successful Project Partnerships

This is a guest post from Barbara Porter,  Executive Director, Advisor, Customer Practice, Ernst & Young A lot of time, effort and resources are spent identifying projects and developing RFP’s.  On top of that, add the processes of issuing and evaluating RFP responses.  On top of that, add the time spent meeting with the qualified […]

Insights From Enterprise Engagement Wisconsin Program

  I walked away from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance regional seminar with some good, actionable ideas from Curt Coffman’s portion of the program on leadership.   Most notable to me was his advice to embrace your business’ biggest challenge rather than trying to avoid them to turn a negative into a positive.  Look at the way […]

Generosity in Leadership Begets Reciprocity Through High Engagement

Guest Post from Leadership consultant, Mark C. Crowley. Mark is the author of Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century.Formerly Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager at Washington Mutual Investments, he’s a frequent contributor to Fast Company and other major publications. Connect with him via his website,, Facebook – Lead […]

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