Is Centuries-Old Incentive and Recognition Business Set for More Change?

Most people don’t know that the history of incentives, rewards and recognition goes back thousands of years and that it was a formal business profession as long ago as the turn of the last century, when Premium Practice, now Incentive magazine, was founded. Now, the emergence of Engagement and extensive research on the role of […]

Take Employee Recognition beyond Service Awards

Cindy Mielke

Recognition vs. Compensation at Audi

I recently leased a new Audi A4. I didn’t buy this car because of any incentive, but because I like the car – I’ve had four of them over the past 12 years; they’re a pleasure to drive and are economical on gas. So it was with some surprise that after I got the car […]

The Secret of Effective Motivation?

A fascinating guest column in the Sunday New York Times week in review (once again demonstrating the increased focus on this subject) addresses the fundamental issues about what drives us. But the authors, with all of their indisputable expertise, may be overlooking a fundamental connection between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. In their column, the Secret […]

2011 EEA Networking Expo Reveals Need For Separate Rewards & Recognition Forum

Based on the results of its 2011 Enterprise Engagement Alliance Networking Conference and Expo, the EEA has decided to separate its Enterprise Engagement Curriculum and Certification education program from its Rewards and Recognition Networking Expo in 2012. The 2012 Rewards and Recognition Networking Expo will provide a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers of rewards […]

Whether Strategic or Tactical – Engagement is About Relationships

Jeffrey Grisamore is President of EGR International, a full-service enterprise engagement agency that provides both strategic and tactical solutions to leading organizations worldwide. When people think of Enterprise Engagement, the first thought for some is that it’s a strategy that requires top management commitment and a structural change in the way branding and behaviors are […]

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