More Engagement in the Media

The New York Times certainly has jumped on the concept of employee engagement, even though its reporters haven’t yet figured out that there’s actually an employee engagement field emerging. A Sunday Business section article on July 6 featured Zingerman’s, a collection of food-related businesses based on the original Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, MI, which […]

Westin Campaign Integrates Guest and Employee Marketing

As reported in a recent New York Times article, Westin recently introduced a “well-being” initiative that targets both employees and guests. The campaign is based on promoting six pillars of wellness: “feel well,” “work well,” “move well,” “eat well,” “sleep well” and “play well.”

Engagement Makes it to New York Times Sunday Review

In an opinion article entitled “Why You Hate Work,”  appearing in the June 1 New York Times Sunday Review section, The Energy Project consultants argue that “excessive demands” of work are not only bad for people, but bad for business.  “Engagement,” the authors @energy_project assert, “variously defined as involvement, commitment, passion, enthusiasm, focused effort and […]

The Success Syndrome

  Recently, I commented on the insularity at Google that I suspect lies at the heart of so many product failures. While Google prints money with search, few of its other ventures have fared so well. The danger of arrogance was recently explained by Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. In a recent interview with the […]

Is Mainstream Media Ignoring Engagement?

The Sunday, Dec.18 column by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times eloquently called out the need for a new type of leadership that “inspires commitment and innovation and hope in people.” As you can see by visiting, he all but called out for Enterprise Engagement. The media is part of the problem. Is […]

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