Enterprise Engagement and the Minimum Wage Debate

The facts speak for themselves: Increasing numbers of U.S. citizens believe that income inequality is a serious problem that requires government intervention. More and more states – even Republican-leaning ones – are passing, or seriously considering, laws imposing minimum wage increases. Because pay is a major issue related to engagement, one might expect us to […]

Salesforce.com Enters Employee Engagement Field

As many readers may know, Salesforce.com recently released new human resources tools designed, as reported by Techcrunch.com, “to improve employee engagement.” What is most significant from our standpoint, based on what was reported, is that Salesforce.com actually hasn’t created new technology; it’s repackaging its technology specifically to go after human resources with what TechCrunch says […]

The Success Syndrome

  Recently, I commented on the insularity at Google that I suspect lies at the heart of so many product failures. While Google prints money with search, few of its other ventures have fared so well. The danger of arrogance was recently explained by Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. In a recent interview with the […]

Generosity in Leadership Begets Reciprocity Through High Engagement

Guest Post from Leadership consultant, Mark C. Crowley. Mark is the author of Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century.Formerly Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager at Washington Mutual Investments, he’s a frequent contributor to Fast Company and other major publications. Connect with him via his website, www.markccrowley.com, Facebook – Lead […]

New EEA-McBassi Stock Index Takes a Long View

The new Enterprise Engagement Alliance Good Company Stock Index, produced by human resources analytics leader McBassi & Co., isn’t for day traders. In fact, in its first three days, the “bad” companies are leading the “good companies.”  What we expect to support over time (a three- to five-year period) is that organizations with highly engaged […]

Real-Time Performance Measurement – Guest Post

This is a guest post by Beau Ballin, Director of Marketing at MotivAction LLC, a 35-year-old Minneapolis based company specializing in recognition, incentive, learning, meeting, and event services. After years of overlooking formal measurement in their engagement and recognition strategies, it seems that more companies than ever are paying attention to return-on-investment and other measurement […]

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